Pittsburgh Coaches Corner

We just started our 3rd year of providing the Catering for the Pittsburgh Coaches Corner. Over 250 local business men and women are invited to a luncheon hosted by my good friend Dan McCann. Dan is a great guy and well known local football coach and youth sports advocate. He calls me “Coach” and I kind of like that…. But, he calls everyone coach…

Each luncheon has a handful of local Sports figures who speak… Usually a Pittsburgh Steeler is the main speaker. This week’s Steeler was Emanuel Sanders. He was a great speaker and talked about young people never giving up on their dreams even when people tell them they can’t make it.

I am a huge sports fan and I pride myself in knowing where every Steeler went to College. Sanders went to SMU which goes by the Mustangs. I have this habit of winking at people when I say something to them… Don’t know why….. So I said to Emanuel, “Go Mustangs”.. He looked right away and gave me a big smile… Then I winked at him…….  Then he didn’t smile anymore…… AARgh – I have to stop doing that….

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