June is here and gone

I havent blogged in a while… Super busy June…. Nice wedding for Fatimah & Shahid at the Union project with Halal Chicken & Beef skewers on the 3rd… Cooked in a thunderstorm as well…… Edgewood Sit Down wedding with Flank Steak & Salmon on the 9th – – – Uri & Sharissa at the Summerset Club House sit down wedding with Local Beef and Chicken Skewers….. Smallest kitchen I have ever used to do a sit down yet….. The US Rowers are in town and 60 young men are eating breakfast-brunch and dinner 7 days a week…..And can they eat??? WOW.. Like feeding 100.
This weekend is Chris and Caitlins farm wedding at Blackberry Meadows…. Local PA raised whole chickens and more local foods. This will be my biggest challenge of the year…. Oh yah– Sunday 700 box lunches as I am off to vacation with the family…. June kicked ass.

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