Jerry – My favorite Club Sandwich customer

Jerry must be in his early 80’s. He takes the bus from Etna and arrives at 713 main street Sharpsburg around 7:30am every day.  He slowly walks up to the counter sporting is his beige flat cap. He lightly rings the bell for service as my front staff starts around 8am. I walk out and he greets me with his toothless smile which is so rich in character and sincerity.  He drops his 10 dollars on the counter and orders the usual (Sausage, Home Fries, Wheat Toast, Eggs over Medium and Coffee).  His bill comes to $6.80. He never takes his change, he says “Thank You” and smiles once again.    

Jerry walks to his same seat which is waiting for him. 10 Minutes later we bring him his food and he says “thank you” for the 3rd or 4th time.   We ask throughout his meal…“How is everything?”   “Every things fine” he responds.  Sometimes he throws in “Don’t worry about me”.  15 minutes later he brings his empty dishes to the counter and slowly walks to the exit door.  If I can catch him I will say goodbye just so I can see his smile, hear his “thank you” and see that honest humble soul through his eyes.

                Thanks for the inspiration Jerry.

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