Club Sandwich & Deli 2

Well, it is finally going to happen…. Club Sandwich & Deli 2
Opening April 1st at the North Park Golf Course Restaurant 10150 Kummer Road Allison Park Pa. 15101

It is not going to be just a snack bar concession. It’s going to be a full blown Club Sandwich & Deli kick ass restaurant….Maybe I shouldn’t have said that ??

Open to the public. Come for Breakfast , Lunch, or Dinner… Sit outside, eat and watch the golfers hack away in the beautiful North Park…… Local Farm Eggs, Beef, Pork, etc. Also, coming as soon as the PLCB says ok….Local Pennsylvania Domestic and Craft Beers. It will be the place to hang… Mark my word.

Tell Everybody and the first drinks on me… Ahh, just kidding about that.

Come on and support a local small business that supports other local small businesses

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