What Strictly Catering Business Has Done

Since 1993, Strictly Business Catering has worked to develop a loyal clientele.

We have done on site cookouts for over 300 CMU new students. We have delivered hundreds of continental breakfasts to Allegheny Intermediate Unit in Homestead. We have provided breakfast, lunch, and snacks for over 1500 Medrad employees at an offsite location with no kitchen. SBC has assisted the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers in providing food for over 600 people yearly at the Labor Day parade.

We have provided catering for countless affairs for the Mayor and City of Pittsburgh employees. SBC provided local Army Reserves with monthly meals during a renovation period and was able to satisfy a hungry group within a limited budget. We even did 6 weeks of catering for Magnus Rex and the Batman filming in 2011.

Our customer list has grown and grown over almost 19 years and there is nothing we have not done in the world of catering.