Providing Wedding Catering Food in Pittsburgh

FRESH is the newest addition to the SBCFOODS LLC group. FRESH is our special event and wedding catering food service in Pittsburgh.

Over our almost 19 years of doing business, we at SBC have done our fair share of Weddings and Private Events. Within the last 10 years SBC has been aggressively and successfully targeting the Wedding Market. Once again, our commitment to exceptional customer service has spilled over into this Special Event area. When it comes to wedding catering, Pittsburgh trusts FRESH.

We are proud to say that we receive just as many compliments on our service as we do on our food. We believe in the importance of being friendly and professional at all times.

With FRESH, our foods are prepared exactly as the name states. No frozen foods or factory-made items will be served. FRESH is affordably priced and guest-friendly. We don’t use pretentious words to describe our foods and we don’t try to stump our customers with food choices. Contact us for more information on our services in wedding catering and food in Pittsburgh.

Fresh Innovative Catering

Our goal is to provide the best wedding catering food Pittsburgh has to offer, along with an experience that’s stress-free and pleasant from start to finish. With Strictly Business Catering, we’ve developed an efficient and effective catering style designed just for business luncheons, corporate events, and boxed lunches. At FRESH, we strive to perfect the art of providing special occasion and wedding food that’s absolutely delicious but also affordable.

What Innovative Catering means to us

Freshness is the core value behind our catering services. That means fresh, local ingredients that have traveled the shortest distance possible to get to your guests. It involves a contemporary take on basic ingredients that lets their vibrant natural flavors shine through in your food. It conveys a determination to provide food that’s satisfying, healthy, and exciting. It implies a fresh perspective on what you can expect from a Pittsburgh wedding catering company. And it means a level of service that leaves you free to enjoy your event, and an overall experience that leaves your guests feeling delighted.

A Local Focus

We deliver wedding catering food with Pittsburgh pride because we believe our city is a diamond in the rough. We’ve chosen to make our homes and lives here because Pittsburgh offers the best of every world – affordable services, breathtaking views, world-class talent, exceptional education, and constantly evolving cuisine.

FRESH will pleasantly surprise you with simply delicious, affordable food, delivered with the best service in the industry.